The key criteria include value of the service or technology in solving recognised technology problems, meeting network requirements,

optimising service and performance, and/or enhancing customer service, overall quality of innovation and contribution to ICT advancement,

originality and vision, potential contribution towards positive industry growth and service, market success/acceptance and contribution to end-user quality-of-experience and service efficiency”..

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Practitioners in the Telecom Industry • Federal Government of Nigeria • State Governments • Companies/Enterprises of Various industries • Industry & Trade Associations

State and National Assembly members • Government Agencies • Professional Institutions & Organizations • Diplomatic Missions and Trade Representatives; • Federal and State Government-owned Companies;

IT & Telecom Companies • Financial Institutions • Youth organisations • NGOs and CBOS • Media organisations

Titans of Tech Award Winners 2022

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Three Levels of sponsorship are available at Titans of Tech Awards Namely:

Platinum • Gold • Silver • Bronze

Other Opportunities Include: • Lunch Sponsor • Event Bag Sponsor • Networking Cocktail Sponsor • Media Editors Forum .

The Titans of Tech Awards is the authoritative yardstick to measure performance in the ICT sector in the African continent.

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