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      Benn Marshall

Titans of Tech conference and expo was established as a platform for the most influential players in the Nigerian and West African information communications technologies (ICTs) landscape to come together to exchange ideas and to positively influence and promote ICT agenda for optimal good.

The Titans of Technology event was established in 2004 by TechTV as a platform where the most influential players in the West African information communications technology (ICT) markets can come together to exchange ideas and to positively influence and promote ICT agenda for optimal good.


Titans of Technology Conference and Expo is today perhaps the most sought after and respected Nigeria’s ICT engagement hub. Together with key stakeholders in the sector, including you, we are broadening this engagement platform for the most innovative and dynamic sectors of the ICT community in Nigeria.

The event offers an outstanding choice of different options and opportunities for organisations to leverage and participate.


The Titans of Tech Conference & Expo offers organisations rare opportunity to maximise return on investment (RoI) in marketing, branding and publicity.


What you get

·        Give your organisations a lift – TOTCE would raise firm’s brand visibilibity.

·        Join the ‘connexion mix’ – TOTCE will enable businesses connect new markets and key players.

·        Engage in the ‘CEO Connect’ – TOTCE is a CEOs’ platform to engage top prospects in the public and private sectors

·        Build your brand with the youth segment.

·        TOTCE will offer optimal coverage across Africa – Connect your business goals with desired Targets –  Market, Maximise and Promote your brand                                 

·        TOTCE will enhance Corporate Visibility – Unrivalled access to a targeted audience of decision-makers, influencers and purchasers.

·        TOTCE is a great opportunity to launch new products or services

·        A place to network and do deals

·        A place to get market intelligence and do research


  • Practitioners in the Telecom Industry
  • Federal Government of Nigeria
  • State Governments
  • Companies/Enterprises of Various industries
  • Industry & Trade Associations
  • State and National Assembly members
  • Government Agencies
  • Professional Institutions & Organizations
  • Diplomatic Missions and Trade Representatives;
  • Federal and State Government-owned Companies;
  • IT & Telecom Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Youth organisations
  • NGOs and CBOS
  • Media organisations

Scope of the Conference:
It is a superlative platform for brand building as it brings together Captains of trade and industry, foreign Embassies, decision makers, business persons, entrepreneurs, overseas business delegations, stakeholders from the ICT industry and lots more.  Above all, it is aimed to project the country as a worthy global trade destination and a high potential market of 150 million plus consumers.

Whether as stakeholders, discussants, exhibitors or partners, we have two days to push the agenda to advance Nigeria’s economy.